Reviews and Interviews

Here are some links to reviews of my book, The Crow’s Vow, published in 2010 by Signal Editions of Vehicule Press, and some interviews.

The Crow’s Vow is named one of Lemon Hound’s “most engaging books of 2010.”
“With a keen ear and relentless scrutiny the familiar terrain of the domestic is transformed into a dramatic Pas-de-deux where the couplings of words is as lovely and toxic and as complex as the heart is broken. You are loved? Yes, but enough?”
LEMON HOUND: The most engaging books of 2010.

A glowing review by David Leahy in Canadian Literature.
“Briscoe’s delicately handled yet forceful ability to capture, contain and convert a sense of betrayal, fear, and failing love into something more uplifting yet unsentimental in couplet after couplet is impressive.”
Book Review | Slender Human Weight by Sue Chenette; The Crow’s Vow by Susan Briscoe; The He We Knew by Merle Nudelman | Canadian Literature.

What an honour to be compared to poets such as these! Garry Thomas Morse writes a most poetic and appreciative review. 
“… simple elegant couplets reminiscent of lines by Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), combined with the seasonal transitions and musicality found in the work of Ralph Gustafson.” (link is broken; site not found)

And Garry Thomas Morse again with this fun piece:                                                       Geomantic Riposte: The Crow’s Vow | Jacket2.

A full, very fair review by British poet Mel Pryor for Eyewear.
“innovative, strangely elusive, haunting and worth reading and re-reading.”
Eyewear: Guest Review: Pryor On Briscoe.

Bert Almon’s was the very first review of my book, and so positive!
“a brilliant writer whose brilliance manifests itself in small strokes, images of ‘kisses like slim dimes,’ sharp-eyed observations (‘the snow melts first / at the base of things’) and sudden shifts of tone.”
The Crow’s Vow, Susan Briscoe.

Though I was very happy to see this reviewer’s attention to form, I was rather dismayed at his negative interpretation of my characterisation of the male other in the book.
“exquisite detail and masterful rendering of the passage of time”
Rover Arts Montreal Books: The Crow’s Vow | The Rover.

An early, not entirely enthusiastic mention by Rob McLennan: “intriguing”
rob mclennan’s blog: Susan Briscoe, The Crow’s Vow.

A fine discussion—part review, part interview—of the formal and thematic concerns of the book by Dean Steadman for Arc.
“Briscoe’s treatment of her theme is unique and masterfully spare.”
Briscoe illuminates human need, by the season – Arc Poetry.

A small, lovely review with an interview with Beth Carswell for Abe Books. Susan Briscoe Interview on AbeBooks.

During her residency with Open Book Toronto, Poet Sarah Tsiang interviewed a bunch of the Susans that she gathered into an all-Susan poetry anthology, Yi-Mei Tsiang – Desperately Seeking Susans | Oolichan Books, available here: Desperately Seeking Susans: Sarah-Yi-Mei Tsiang: Books and at fine independent bookstores. Susan, a lesson in awesomeness (part 9,10,11 &12) | Open Book: Toronto.

My Poetry Quebec email interview, posted in September 2011. (link is broken; site not found)

This live interview was recorded after my Art Bar reading in Toronto in November 2010.
PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts.

This is rob mclennan’s email interview conducted soon after my book was published in 2010. rob mclennan’s blog: 12 or 20 questions: with Susan Briscoe.


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