Wrong blog?

You might be looking for my other blog, The Death Project.

This one is all about my book of poetry, The Crow’s Vow.

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Garry Thomas Morse responds to The Crow’s Vow — again!

Geomantic Riposte: The Crow’s Vow | Jacket2.

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A reading!

I’ll be reading once again at the Tour des Arts English reading in Sutton, Quebec, on Tuesday, July 16 (tonight!). I’ve read at or hosted this annual event for most of the past thirteen years, I believe. It is one of the first places I ever read my own writing out loud in front of people. I was terrified the first time! In fact, I used to suffer from terrible stage fright, so it was a horrible experience those early years. But now it’s fun! I’ll be reading some newish, unpublished poems, some of which I debuted at a Words and Music event in Montreal this spring.

Hope to see you there! (It’s at Le Cafetier, my favourite cafe in town.)

http://www.tourdesarts.com (The link to the evening events isn’t working at the moment.)

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Old blog

You’ll find my long-neglected blog for The Crow’s Vow blog here: Susan Briscoe.

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